Never Compare Yourself to a Mother

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As a mom, do you have single friends who feel the need to compare their hardships to yours? Who complains about the time you don’t have for them? Or who truly refuses to understand the what it is to be a mother?!? Quite frankly, Continue reading


Let’s Talk Therapy


Have you ever been to therapy or have you considered going to a therapist? If not, what influenced you not to go? In Chapter 7, I address how important therapy is for the Black Community. “What happens in this house, Stays in this house,” Continue reading

0:00 Challenge

Michaela Carter is the blogger of Carter created the 0:00 Challenge (Zero, Zero, Zero) as a way for you to move from your past. The challenge entails writing a blog post, or in my case a podcast episode, about battles you faced in the past that have altered your life. These battles can come from relationships, family Continue reading