0:00 Challenge

Michaela Carter is the blogger of www.adashofmichaela.com. Carter created the 0:00 Challenge (Zero, Zero, Zero) as a way for you to move from your past. The challenge entails writing a blog post, or in my case a podcast episode, about battles you faced in the past that have altered your life. These battles can come from relationships, family issues, internal struggles, etc. In chapter 2, I share how I am coping with losing a job and a car. Practicing meditation plays a vital role in how I am learning to become proactive instead of reactive in situations as such.

Tweet: Focus on the positive instead of prolonging the negative.

Join in on the 0:00 Challenge! Read the details on how to participate: bit.ly/acceptthychallenge. If you create a blog post, Facebook post, podcast or youtube episode tag me on social media (@iambristeele) so read your story. Or email iambriannasteele@gmail.com if you want to share your story with me personally. I want to connect with you all as much as possible. I mean what I say… We are all one big family!

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You can also follow Michaela on IG at www.instagram.com/adashofmichaela or Twitter www.twitter.com/adashofmichaela!

P.S. The Guided Meditation App is Stop, Think, Breathe.


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